Clinical audit results: overview for sites and trusts/boards

This page shows results for all measures together per site or per trust/board. If a result is missing, this is because the site or trust/board did not pass our quality checks for this measure. Please refer to the NMPA Measures Technical Specification for exact definitions of the measures.

What is a spine chart?

Spine charts are useful to view results for measures in the context of other relevant measures at a selected site or trust/board, rather than in isolation.

Spine charts show the rates of all measures for the site or trust/board you have selected, and how these compare to the average of all sites or trusts/boards included in each measure. They also give an idea of the overall distributions of rates, and if the rates of the selected site or trust/board fall outside of the expected range. They are essentially slices of the funnel plot for each measure at the point of the site or trust/board you have selected.

Please use the buttons below to choose either site or trust/board level overview, and then select a maternity unit or trust/health board from the dropdown list in order to view a spine chart of its results across all measures compared to the national average.