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Decision making


There will be a number of decisions to make throughout your pregnancy, and you may have some questions that you’d like to ask, before making your choice.

It can help to talk through the options with friends or family, and it can be useful to write down any questions you’d like answering so you can take it with you to an appointment.  



Ask 3 questions

To begin with, you may find getting answers to three key questions a helpful starting point if you are asked to make a decision about your care.


 1. What are my options?  

 2. What are the pros and cons of each option for me?

3. How do I get support to help me make a decision that is right for me?         


Extra information

Advancing Quality Alliance

   Shared decision making case studies


Ask three questions is based on Shepherd HL, et al. (Patient Education and Counselling, 2011; 84: 379-85) 

   Three questions that patients can ask to improve the quality of information physicians give about treatment options:  A cross-over trial