Sprint audits

In addition to the continuous clinical audit and the organisational survey, the NMPA undertakes a programme of work to evaluate the feasibility of introducing new clinical measures. These ‘sprint audits’ are time limited evaluations of the NMPA’s dataset with additional linkages to new datasets where appropriate.


Maternal admissions to intensive care

 Maternity Admissions to Intensive Care in England, Wales and Scotland in 2015/16
 Published Jan 10 2019

Admission to intensive care during pregnancy or the postnatal period is uncommon, affecting 2.8 per 1000 women giving birth.  Linkage of intensive care data to maternity data offers the opportunity to estimate the rate of admission and examine variation in that rate by maternity care provider, as well as to understand the impact of maternal demographics on intensive care admission rates.

This report looks at the feasibility of linkage between intensive care and maternity data, and gives national rates of admission to intensive care and information about the reasons for intensive care admission among pregnant and postnatal women in Britain.


Neonatal care

 Technical Report: Linking the National Maternity and Perinatal Audit Data Set to the National Neonatal Research Database for 2015/16
Published Jan 10 2019

Linking maternal and neonatal data offers a unique opportunity to examine the maternal antecedents of neonatal outcomes and to determine the impact of aspects of maternal care on babies. This report comprises the technical details of an NMPA data linkage project to link the NMPA data set to the National Neonatal Research Database (NNRD). This provides the basis for planned future work to derive neonatal process and outcome measures from this linked dataset. These measures are included in the NMPA Clinical Report 2019, covering births in 2016/17.


Future Topics

Future topics include:

Perinatal mental health
Maternal and neonatal bloodstream infections